Airport Taxi Do’s & Dont’s

Tips and tricks to help make your airport taxi services experience a little easier

taxi at the airport in cleveland

Taking advantage of airport taxi services in Cleveland is a lot easier today than it’s ever been in the past, and more people are leveraging the services than they ever have previously.

Not only are these services incredibly convenient for frequent travelers or those that are leaving for an extended block of time, but they are also a reliable service for those that have little to no interest in parking at the airport and paying sky high fees in the process.

Of course, not everyone is exactly experienced in the arena of leveraging airport transportation, which is why it’s nice to have these tips and tricks in your back pocket going forward.

Always try to arrive ahead of schedule

Understand that the overwhelming majority of airport taxi services are going to operate off of some kind of established schedule, and that the earlier you can arrive before the next scheduled pick up the easier everything’s going to be.
Too terribly many people try to rush to the shuffle or to the airport taxi service with next to no time to spare, and then are upset when the driver or the other passengers aren’t exactly as accommodating or as friendly as they might have been otherwise.
Try to do your best to respect everyone’s time by arriving ahead of schedule to be sure that there is enough time to load up and get to the airport in a timely manner.
Give an accurate estimation in regards to your baggage and any special requests

Most airport taxi services (not just in Cleveland, but everywhere) are going to request some kind of estimation regarding your baggage and any other special requests you may be making.

This is your opportunity to be as accurate as you can be, giving them the kind of information that can determine just how successful your airport taxi ride really is. If you have a lot of bags, a lot of oversized bags, or a number of special requests, now is the time to bring them up so that they are prepared to deal with them when they meet you.

You don’t want to have any surprises when you meet your airport taxi service for the very first time in Cleveland (or anywhere else, for that matter).


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